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Our range of services


  • A meticulous assessment of the applicant's credentials, including their education, job history, and applicable abilities.
  • While present in the home country , advise clients to upgrade their education and technical skill sets as per the standards of the country of destination.
  • Provide clients with professional help as they develop their claims for immigration or student visas.
  • Track down and review all of the required supplemental resources.
  • Assisting clients in communicating with the visa processing office about their cases
  • Obtain the client's file number and guide them through the interview, medical examination, and landing documents, which are all steps in our counseling process.
  • In order to keep the file correct, the client requires our assistance.
  • Potential clients could benefit from assistance in preparing for a productive interview with visa authorities.


(Pre-landing services in home country)
  • Give the client the tools they need to assess their own abilities
  • Provide Insightful Guidance Regarding Their Promising Professional and National Ambitions Configuration Identify the intended destination nation and provide pertinent details about it.
  • Verify that all resumes submitted by clients are in accordance with the national standards used by employers.
(Pre-landing services in home country)
  • Assist in selecting a discounted lodging option
  • Facilitation of the acquisition of Social Security numbers, health insurance cards, and other official identification documents.
  • Assistance for opening a bank account.
  • Identifying private insurance carriers in the destination country for short-term health insurance is required.
  • A Guide to Obtaining a Driver's License.
  • Offering information regarding transportation alternatives.


  • Seek professional guidance to validate the selected career route
  • Assist clients in securing jobs in their preferred industries by informing them of relevant educational possibilities, such as classes to hone their professional skills and graduate with degrees that fulfill national requirements.
  • Regularly update the market and assist with placement opportunities.
  • Introducing the clients to Indian and other communities to build their own networking .

NOTE : Kindly make sure that you bring all of the important documents to the visa office at the time of assessment of your case.